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Side Effects of Shapewear & Yoga Pants on Your Health, Lymphatic System & Body Sculpting Results

Read on to find out why we tell all of our clients to toss the waist trainers and body shapers, set aside the yoga pants & skinny jeans, and focus on looser, more comfy options!

Here's the Skinny...

Yoga pants, skinny jeans, waist trainers and body shapers or shapewear have become a mainstay of our modern wardrobes. Some we wear for comfort, some for functionality, and others help us hide some of the things that we're not so fond of on our ever-changing bodies.

The marketing of all of these products promises us so many things - beauty, perfection, no more muffin tops, etc. What they don't tell you, however are the long-term dangers - yes, dangers of wearing all of these tight-fitting garments.

To understand the importance of this topic, we need to start at the lymphatic system. It might just be the most important body system that is almost NEVER talked about. We talk about the heart, and even have an entire month dedicated to its health. We discuss lungs, skin, metabolic systems, but almost never do we talk about the lymph system! This incredible system is staggeringly important to your overall health and is essential to successful body sculpting. So, at Sculpted Slim, we talk about it a lot!

Your Lymphatic System

Here's a high-level overview of your lymphatic system. Your circulatory system carries blood cells and plasma through your body. During its time traveling through its vast circulatory network a small percentage of the plasma is leaked out into the body and does some amazing things while it's hanging out among the cells. Cancer Research UK explains that, "As the blood circulates around the body, fluid leaks out from the blood vessels into the body tissues. This fluid carries food to the cells and bathes the body tissues to form tissue fluid. The fluid then collects waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells. It also collects any cancer cells if these are present." After the cells are done collecting the waste, bacteria, damaged cells and cancer, the lymph fluid is absorbed into the vast network of the lymphatic system so that your body can process the "bad stuff" in its lymph nodes and filter it out before the lymph fluid continues on its journey. Lymph fluid is always moving upward toward its final destination at the base of your neck. Eventually this lymph fluid is joined back up with the rest of the blood plasma and it continues to circulate through your body.

Alright, remember when you were a little kid, and you put a rubber band around your finger and you watched it get all purple and painful?...ick. Sorry. But, the same thing happens when you wear all of those tight-fitting garments! There's no flow. Things get stagnant. Now, think about that in terms of lymphatic flow. What is your lymph system carrying? Bacteria, cancer, disease, damaged cells. Is there a reason on earth that could possibly be good enough to cut off the flow of your lymphatic system that is working SO hard on your behalf to get rid of diseases like cancer? Categorically, no. Just no. Let it flow...let it flow...I'll stop. But seriously, when bind yourself up everyday, your systems cannot flow properly. The American Cancer Society says that there is a connection between wearing restrictive clothing and problems like Lymphedema. "Wearing tight or restrictive clothing or jewelry can squeeze the arm or leg unevenly or too much, which might increase the pressure in nearby blood and lymph vessels. This can lead to increased fluid and swelling (much like water building up behind a dam). Some people have linked this with the start of lymphedema."

All of these things are shine a great bit spotlight on why, at Sculpted Slim, we NEVER only do ultrasonic cavitation without following up with a great lymphatic drain. When the fat cell is destroyed by ultrasonic cavitation, your fat is now left without a home and is living among other fat cells that can easily reabsorb that fat. We always activate your lymphatic system and warm the fat up and drain it to your lymph nodes to begin the process of moving it out of your system.

Also, so important to mention is your water intake. When the lymphatic system gets dehydrated, the lymph fluid gets stagnant and doesn't flow properly. The last thing you want, especially when getting body sculpting treatments is for your lymphatic system to get sluggish and not do its job. The fat that has been released can easily be reabsorbed by other fat cells if your water consumption is not sufficient.

Other Known Side Effects of Shapewear

Other side effects known to be caused by wearing body shapers, waist trainers, yoga pants, shapewear, and even overly-tight jeans include:

  • Acid Reflux

  • Can cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

  • Compresses your stomach, intestines, and other internal organs

  • Negatively affecting proper circulation

  • Swelling

  • Has the potential to cause varicose veins and blood clots

  • Can inhibit normal breathing patterns

  • The Cleveland Clinic cautions women that shapewear can compress nerves and cause numbness and tingling

So. Seriously? No more Yoga Pants? No more Shapewear?

Well, not entirely. We DO recommend not wearing anything restrictive after a body sculpting session as we want the lymphatic system to flow freely in order to process out the fats that have just found their freedom. Is there a time for shapewear? Yes. Think of it as something you'll wear on a "sometimes" basis, not a regular basis. Definitely not to bed! Take off those leggings and tight tops and jump into some loose PJs. When you get home from time spent in tight clothes, make changing into something loose and comfy the first thing you do. And honestly? Find a way to delete body shapers and tight clothing from your daily wardrobe. Find some looser fashions that help you be healthier. Just remember how hard your systems are working to keep you disease free and - Let It Flow!!

I Know This Is Hard To Hear, But...

For your own health, it's time to break up with your shapewear. Kiss those yoga pants goodbye after yoga class, Tell the skinny jeans you just need a little space, it's not them, it's you. (Well, actually it is them, but that will be our little secret...). If you're looking for body shaping that doesn't cause any harm, be sure to check out all of our services on Sculpted Slim. And, as always, if you're not sure which is right for you, text or call us at 615-813-6213 for additional details!

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