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Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

Pressotherapy lymphatic massage is a great add-on to a fat-reduction treatment or a separate, regular treatment that stands alone! It can be used for muscle recovery after a hard workout and is fantastic for professional or high-performing athletes. It fights edema and cellulite. Pressotherapy is a wonderful treatment that has many benefits including lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from our system, reducing edema, reducing stress, improving metabolic processes, increasing muscle tone, improving blood flow, improving cellulite, and improving skin. Pressotherapy can help treat varicose veins in the initial stages and prevent thrombosis and vascular diseases. It can help those with low physical activity activate their lymph system and can also alleviate heaviness in the lower limbs. Many clients report an increase in mood and a surge of energy after receiving Pressotherapy.
How does it work? You can choose between 20 and 30 minutes sessions. During the session, you will lie in the pressotherapy suit and simply relax while it does the work!
It feels like a deep, wonderful massage.

Please read our FAQ section for more details & to discover any contraindications before booking!
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Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

What to expect from Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

  • Increases muscle tone

  • Prevention of edema and thrombosis

  • Improvement in skin tone

  • Cell saturation with oxygen and nutrients are restored

  • Excess fluids and toxins are removed from the body

  • Activation of the lymphatic system

  • Tissues and organs receive increased oxygen and nutrients

  • Activates blood circulation and metabolic processes

Please read our FAQ section for more details & be sure to discover any contraindications before booking! 
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Benefits Skin Tightening Lymphatic Drain
FAQs Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

Before & After

Medical Consultation


Following are the contraindications for
Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage: 

If you have any of the following conditions - please be aware that we are unable to treat you with Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage.
If you are ill - please call and reschedule

  • 1. Thrombophlebitis, acute thrombosis;

  • 2. Post-thrombophlebitic syndrome;

  • 3. Blood clotting disorder;

  • 4. Increased blood viscosity;

  • 5. Obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities;

  • 6. Diseases of the vascular-cardiac system (after a heart attack, arrhythmia, hypertension of the third stage, heart failure with oedema);

  • 7. Unhealed fractures, dislocations, or skin lesions in those areas where cuffs are supposed to be applied;

  • 8. The presence of pacemakers, metal prostheses in the intended area of ​​exposure;

  • 9. Skin diseases of various nature (mycosis, allergic, etc.);

  • 10. The presence of a malignant or benign tumor;

  • 11. Any form of tuberculosis;

  • 12. Increased body temperature;

  • 13. Renal failure (renal oedema);

  • 14. Liver failure (hepatic oedema);

  • 15. Acute pain of various nature and localization;

  • 16. Infectious diseases;

  • 17. Microangiopathy and macroangiopathy in diabetes mellitus;

  • 18. Mental disorders, epilepsy.

If you have any concerns or questions, please direct them to your physician, as we are unable to advise you in any medical care

Please read our FAQ section for more details 
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Contraindications Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

FAQs About Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage

Q: Does this treatment hurt?

A: No! We start off at a very low intensity pressure and build from there. The pressure should be firm but so comfortable that you could fall asleep - and many clients do!

Q: Can I use this post-surgery? 

A: Yes! This is a great lymphatic drain for many post-surgery lymphatic massage needs.

Q: How can I prepare? What can I expect afterward?

A: Because of the diuretic effect of this treatment, you will likely need to urinate more than usual. In order to assist your body in excreting the toxins and fluids, it is suggested that you drink a lot of water before and after your treatment. Be sure to arrive early to your appointment and use the restroom immediately beforehand. Don't eat for 1 hour prior to your treatment. Be sure to wear yoga pants and socks to your appointment.

Please read our FAQ section for more questions!

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